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Coastal Skipper

  • Part-time Theory


    Duration: 6 consecutive Monday evenings

    17h30 to 20h30


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  • Full-time Theory


    Duration: 4 days Mon-Thur

    09h00 to 16h00


    • 12 Apr
    • 21 Jun
    • 23 Aug
    • 22 Nov
  • Full-time Practical


    Duration: 5 days sailing Mon-Fri

    09h00 to 17h30


    • 19 Apr
    • 28 Jun
    • 30 Aug
    • 29 Nov

This course is designed to take the experienced Day Skipper or equivalent through the SAS Coastal syllabus and exam. Instruction is done on one of three vessels:

  • Miura
  • Your own vessel

The course itself comes in two formats.

You will get a very comprehensive course manual that covers all aspects of the SAS Coastal Syllabus. The manual has been updated regularly and covers every legitimate question that has been asked by an examiner during the end of course exams. It is the only manual of its kind in the country. You can collect your manual as soon as you have paid your deposit. We strongly recommend that you read your course manual thoroughly before coming on the course. You get much very more out of the course that way.


  1. 800 miles logged in tidal waters in the open sea
  2. 24 night hours on watch
  3. At least 3 passages of 60 miles or more
  4. First Aid level 1 certificate
  5. A VHF SRC Radio Licence

The practical component of the course will cover all aspects of safety. It focuses on the things that can go wrong on a yacht, what you can do to prevent them from going wrong, and how you can manage the situation if they do go wrong.

A critical component of the SAS Coastal exam is always the Man Overboard exercise. At coastal level you are expected to be able to do this under sail, simulating an engine failure. Each student will do at least 20 MOB exercises during the course.

This course can be done over 2 weeks in one, or split into two modules: the theory or the practical module. There is also an exam.

You may also request a tailor made course so GHSA will fit in with your timing or schedule. (Course demands remain the same).

Meet at 10.00 Good Hope Sailing Academy's classroom, Royal Cape Yacht Club.


The course is taught to SA Sailing’s syllabus. It is internationally accepted.
A log book is issued on completion.


Please deposit R1000 into Good Hope Sailing Academy.

Current account No. 1371410011. ABSA Bank, Adderley Street, code 312-109.

NB: Please don’t forget to advise Poul-Ejnar Hansen either by e-mail or SMS to Mobile 0834430706 when you have paid the deposit, stating:

1) Your name 2) The amount 3) The course you wish to do 4) The date.

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The comprehensive manual, a membership to the prestigious Royal Cape Yacht Club for the duration of the course including secure parking, members’ discount in the bars and restaurants and free wifi.



  • Warm clothing
  • Non-marking, soft shoes
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Sunglasses (string tie)
  • Cap or hat (string tie)
  • Sunscreen
  • Packed Lunch
  • Drinks (non-alcoholic)