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International Certification

We teach S.A. Sailing’s internationally accepted sailing courses
The only sailing qualification recognised by the South African Port Authorities. An S.A. Sailing ticket also entitles the holder to an ICC Certificate (International Certificate of Competence)

A full timetable of all the courses offered by Good Hope Sailing Academy is available.

Our Courses

Get ready to sail the world with our range of accredited courses. Our sailing courses are fully equipped to get you ready for any challenge you may face on the water. From introductory level to advanced qualifications, each course is offered by a qualified instructor.

Set sail on a new adventure with us!


Duration: 1 Day (Commence at 08:30 at RCYC)

1 Day introduction course to all things sailing.


Part-time: 5 consecutive Sundays
Full-time: 5 consecutive weekdays

The comprehensive Competent Crew course is designed for beginners who wish to obtain a more advanced ticket when sufficient mileage and experience have been logged. Many of our students are now sailing overseas or crewing on luxury yachts.


Part-time: 5 consecutive Saturdays, 5 consecutive Tuesday evenings
Full-time: 5 consecutive weekdays

Full-time Practical: 5 consecutive weekdays

A Day Skipper is qualified to skipper a sail boat on inland waters and at sea from sunrise to sunset. A Day Skipper is also qualified to skipper a power boat under 100 tons on inland waters by day.


Part-time: 3 weekday evenings
Full-time on request: 1 full day + exam

This SRC course replaces the old Restricted Radiotelephone Operator’s Certificate. We’re accredited by SAMSA and are able to offer the new radio course to our students. This is a requirement for obtaining your Day Skipper’s licence from SA Sailing


Part-time Theory: 6 consecutive Monday evenings
Full-time Theory: 5 Consecutive Days

Full-time Practical: 5 Consecutive Days

This course is designed to take the experienced Day Skipper, or equivalent, through the SAS Coastal syllabus and exam. Instruction is done on a Miura 32 or your own vessel.


Theory: 6 consecutive Monday evenings (last evening exam) Or 5 Full days

Designed as an add-on for students who have recently completed our Coastal Skipper course. The SAS Yachtmaster Offshore chartwork exam includes questions from the Day Skipper syllabus and the Coastal Skipper syllabus.


Full-time: 5 consecutive weekdays

The badge of honour. Learn how to navigate by the Sun, Moon, Stars & Planets. Master the sextant. Learn to enter the nautical almanac & the sight reduction tables. Become a navigator able to navigate anywhere in the world and under any condition.

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